I wanted to seriously ask some Mind boggling questions which are simple but still hard to find and i would b happy to get responses from all of you.

Why we humans are more into monetary values rather than emotional values and why Relations are just at the verge???

Why we become important only when we are economically strong??? Why is there any concern of relationships with our financial state.?

Why Relations are just leftover in the names? Why no one gives importance to relations???

As we humans are only intelligent species than any other who forward these things to the coming generations and we are loosing it by just these currency papers??? What is the value of these papers when no one will b around us happyily??? To whom we will spend our money on when we tired of spending on us one day???

We need to understand this issue very seriously as this is the rising problems in every country and culture.

Please let me know what are your thoughts on this issue.

5 thoughts on “Why???

    1. Atul ji..i apreciate your soln but i think it cant be undo and my question will remain as it is in a question mark. Modernisation is killing human values in modern society.


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