In a brief context of what happens in a society having a concoction of different belief systems. Lets contemplate the truth which is horrendous to accept but undeniable. Traditionally people happened to b more intellectual bundled with silo of equal emotions than what we tend to deal with modern ones. They used to treat with the other’s as their own ones unlike modern societies who are just dodging the relations without knowing what they are actually doing. With the Advancement of Technology, Modern societies might get the benefit from them but they have a tremendous disadvantage of being so dependable only to these instruments. People are merely making connections with the beings around them and rather indulged into online social connections which are farfetched and enigmatic.

We human beings are developed with the cooperation and immense love which is the fundamental as well as quintessential part of our lives. Relations which used to be the priorties in making bonds and courtship relations are now just a matter of self monetary gains. Probably its because we are more exposed to that imaginary virtual world which wasn’t available at that period of time. The cerebral activity is benighted with the shadows of becoming superior in wealth by kicking out the emotional well being for the sake of emulating himself. It is quite reprehensible that the evolution what we got from the last few years plunge us to a state of solitude.Its a high time we need to minimize the minute thinking and save our relationships for the betterment of ourselves only. Probably the time is proximal when we are only surrounded by the emotionless gadgets around us and the sustainable mankind leads to extint soon.


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