What is right and what is wrong?

Right and wrong are just remarks.

When we say someone has done good or bad in any of the actions performed by him, we must look into it thoroughly as Good and Bad things are not as such things exists. We need to highlight it to understand that everyone in this planet are in pursuit of their happyness. What is right for you can be wrong for the other and how can you prove that you are being right??? Perhaps It is quite debateable among many people and we must see it as the action of the consequences which individual has performed.

For instance we think India is a developing country or we say world is developing, but if we ask the insects they will say we are the most terrible creatures on this planet. Yes or no??? If we ask birds, they will also pass the same sentence. So it is not about what we are perceived as right makes us right. It might be a blunder for the other for the upliftment of ourselves. In south india, A person who can slain thousands elephant are known to b a powerful man. According to those people he who defeats thousand elephants are a great and powerful man. But as we have a law against the ones for the poaching and smuggling of elephants by killing them. So it is always the consequences of the actions. If it is done with good intentions, for the well being of most of the human beings.

Good and bad are only categorised by the consequences it generates. It is not by the actions. Lets say if you are dissecting a body with knife, it can also called as murder. If the consequences are with good intentions, it will be called as surgery and if the intentions are bad then it is called as murder with what intentions and consequences you create it.

If we see criminals then they are also in pursuit of their happyness. Every human being is in pursuit of their happyness but as criminals are pursuing it far more vigorously than us so we have to see that it is the action of the consequences. We have to deal with the humanity not to fix actions but to look through the consequences which is best for everybody. Whatever is needed you will do? Isnt it???

Sometimes we have to think spiritually more than intellectually.


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